Perennity Centera edition

Backup and Disaster recovery software for EMC Centera

Although EMC Centera has been designed as a 'No single point of failure' archiving solution, most IT managers still require all archived data to be replicated to another storage media for disaster recovery purposes. Also, having multiple copies of your archived data using different media types makes you less vulnerable to technology changes.

Using Perennity, information stored in an EMC Centera can be replicated to another secondary storage device such as DVD/BluRay production system, a NAS, an optical libray, or a tape device.

Perennity can also act as a 'bridge' between Centera and your existing centralized backup infrastructure. Perennity provides incremental backup of newly created objects in Centera. This asynchronous process continuously runs in the background, ensuring an always up-to-date copy of Centera contents, without affecting the performance of the Centera or overloading the network. Backup objects (CDFs & Blobs) are stored in their native format ensuring the authenticity of information stored in the Centera.