Fast-LTA Silent Cube

The Fast-LTA Silent Cube solution serve a single purpose: protecting your permanent data for a long time and with greatest security against loss.

Silent Cubes is the first storage system to be expressly and categorically developed for the secure, long-term storage of permanent data. The super-redundant hard disk storage replaces magnetic tape libraries and optical jukeboxes, frees up space on your expensive online storage and thus helps you reduce complexity, investment and administration to a minimum.

Silent Cube storage systems grow right along with your needs and are scalable into the petabyte realm. For even more security, software is included for replication to a second location.

Perennity Archive edition

Perennity has originally been developed as a solution for migrating data to CD, DVD or BluRay for off-line storage. BluRay technology offers several attractive advantages for data archival : a low cost coupled with an interesting capacity (50GB per disc) and a long lifetime (more than 20 years). Furthermore, since a CD, DVD or BluRay is universally readable thanks to its standardized file system, long-term information accessibility is guaranteed.
Perennity has a direct output to the Rimage or EPSON disc publishing systems. With these devices, the off-line archival and retrieval process can be easily automated. DVDs will be written whenever certain criteria (or a combination of them) are met : the size of a folder, the presence of a specific file (trigger) or a latency time. One or more copies can then be produced and they will be printed with a unique (customizable) label using either thermal or
inkjet technology.
Files that have been written out to DVD can then be deleted from the file server, freeing up space; they can also be left intact (but will not be eligible for migration again) or they can be moved to a Silent Cube, a NAS, ...
A MySQL or MS SQLServer keeps track of what files have been recorded to what disc.