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New Rimage Catalyst series

Professional performance and quality in the right-sized package
Rimage Catalyst™ disc publishing systems offer industrial grade hardware, front-office friendly design and professional quality disc production, an ideal choice when high-volume production is not required. 
The Catalyst system comes standard with an Everest 600 or a Prism III printer, a fit for any IT environment, Rimage Catalyst™ can be ordered with or without an embedded PC.
Rugged Durability
With positive air flow through a front-accessible filter, quick release recorders, front-facing hard drive bays and separate printers, Catalyst systems are designed to be easily maintained in any
Flexible Production
A three-bin carousel handles up to 150 discs, either one type of disc for uninterrupted production or up to three types of discs for productive flexibility. Disc output can be configured to the external bin or one of the internal bins behind a lockable door.
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Thursday, 19 September 2013 02:00

Medical Imaging Solutions

Automated CD/DVDProduction for Medical Images

You own a CD robot to automate the production of your Patient discs? Your system is getting old or you need additional units? Don't miss our Medical Imaging Solution (MIS) new offer. We give you up to 2.000€ cash back for your existing system when buying a new out-of-the-box MIS powered by the Perennity DICOM software.

With more than 1.500 installations worldwide, Perennity DICOM has become THE software to automate and manage the output of Patient CDs and archive discs. Perennity is ISO 13485/9001 certified which guarantees the quality of the product and services. Perennity DICOM integrates in any environment with all PACS and modality vendors.

We offer three attractive and cost effective bundles including a Rimage or EPSON robot, a powerful PC and of course the Perennity DICOM software. Choose the right solution simply based on the number of discs to be produced daily and the printing technology (inkjet or thermal).

Our technical team, composed by five technicians and engineers are available to install the MIS, train the users and of course maintain the unit. Did you know that we offer on-site service within the next 24 hours after your call?

Read more information about our MIS in this brochure (français - nederlands - english).. 

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Friday, 14 September 2012 02:00

Rimage, 2.000€ Cash Back promotion

Say goodbye to your old inkjet CD/DVD robot system and move up to a Rimage Professional™ 2400 with Everest 400 thermal printer.

If you buy a new Rimage Professional™2400 system within the promotional term you can get 2.000€ in cash!


Move Up to the new Rimage Professional™ 2400 robot

  • Special Edition of the Professional™ 3400
  • Compact and closed system with a small footprint
  • Rotating 3-bin 150-disc carousel for input/output enables CD/DVD/BD to run concurrently
  • Integrated Rimage Everest™ 400 thermal retransfer printer
  • Waterproof, scratchproof, photo-realistic discs
  • Network connectivity software included
  • Silent operation
  • 3 year warranty!

The Professional 2400 is designed for use with Rimage E2400 Media Kits. E2400 Media Kits contain optimized ribbons and 1,000 CDs/DVDs or 500 Blu-ray discs to ensure you produce the best-looking, longest-lasting results in one convenient and affordable package.


Rimage 2400 Product brief

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